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Keep Calm and Have a Safe Trip


The nearest airport to Flaine is Geneva, which is approximately an hour’s drive from the resort of Flaine.


The post-booking info-graphic we sent has links to local companies that provide private and shared transfers from Geneva to Flaine.


The alternative is to book a hire car – all major hire companies are represented at Geneva Airport.  However, be aware that at times, road conditions can be tricky in the ascent up the mountain – you may wish to consider hiring a car with 4 wheel drive, winter tyres or chains.  You can ask about this when booking.


Do note that as of November 2021 winter tyres or chains are obligatory.



Accessing Flaine from Calais is pretty much all motorway driving and takes approximately 8 hrs (driving time).


Remember in France that these roads are toll roads.  You will need to take a ticket upon accessing the motorway and pay when you leave the motorway.  There are clear signs to identify when you will need to do this.


The tolls are usually automated and take cash or card.  Remember the booths are on the left-hand side of the car!


Tolls from Calais through to Geneva total approximately £50-60


There are plenty of service stations with toilets, fuel and refreshments along the route.


Station de Service – have all of this.


Aires – tend to have basic toilet facilities and little else – perhaps somewhere to picnic.

Do note that as of November 2021 winter tyres or chains are obligatory.

The final part of the journey

Sat Nav works fine to get you to Flaine.  Choose Flaine Araches-les-Fraises


When you exit the motorway having paid the big toll, follow signs to Annemasse, Milan, Turin, Chamonix, Mont Blanc – Payage


You then go through a toll (Toll de Nangy) there is no ticket just the pay booth – and it costs €1.90 and takes coins (€ 2 and 1€ 50, 20 and 10 cent coins) They do take notes but avoid paying by card as you may pay more in card fees than the toll! Unless, of course you have a no fee card.


After the toll:


Sign 1 – Follow Annecy, Grenoble


Sign 2 – Follow Turin, Milan


Sign 3 – Follow Bonneville – Chamonix, Turin – Milan


You can sometimes see snow on the mountains ahead of you now!


You are about 15 minutes away from the Super U in Magland at this point.


Sign – Cluses Centre, Flaine


Take Exit No 19 Flaine, Magland, Les Carroz


You then have another – your final – payage again  - no ticket just a toll.  This is 2€, and takes coins as previously.


You then cross over the motorway.


Follow signs for Magland and Flaine bearing right.


You will pass a BP station on your right – if you need fuel – continue to the Super U – it is cheaper there (usually).  The fuel is 24/7 at Super U and pay at pump.


You will reach a roundabout – if you plan to stop at the Super U – bear right – first exit – if not bear left and begin your ascent to Flaine.



NOTE – if you are hiring a car from Geneva you will also need to pay the 2 short tolls!

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