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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Your Departure

We ask that you vacate the property by 9am (to adhere to Covid regulations around space between guests).


It would be really helpful if you could let us know of an estimated time for your departure so that I can let our agent know.


We ask that when you leave:

  • You leave the apartment tidy

  • Windows are left open/the balcony door left open on the latch

  • Beds are stripped and towels and linen piled in one place

  • You throw away all unused food and drink

  • The dishwasher is empty

  • The curtains are closed

  • Please empty bins – the large bins are on the ground floor – at the bottom of the stairs turn left through the doors and left – the bin room is the last door on the left.

  • All washing up is done and all items put away in the correct place

  • You turn all the lights and electrical items off

  • Put the keys in the lock box and scramble the code

  • You lock the padlock on the ski locker

  • You take all your personal items with you.

  • You leave all adaptors and items belonging to the apartment


You do not have to clean the apartment as this will be done for you.


Roads may be busy or indeed suffer from ice and snow so please allow plenty of time for your descent down the mountain.


Also please remember that there are the two short tolls on the way out 2€ followed by 1.90€


If you are planning to stop in Super U – the store opens at 0830 and petrol there is 24/7


Have a safe journey and we hope to see you again soon.

When booking direct, all of our Bowden Ski guests get 5% off your next booking! 

A note about Covid

We have worked with our agent, White Horizons Property Services to ensure that we meet, and indeed exceed, the Covid requirements set out by the French government.  As such, there are some changes to our usual offer.  These are to ensure utmost health and safety.


The measures we undertake are outlined below:


  • Only 1 person cleans the property and they remove their shoes before entering the apartment.

  • Cleaners will wear a face mask and single-use gloves whilst cleaning.

  • In addition to the standard clean a disinfectant step will be undertaken which includes disinfection of surfaces, textiles, floors and all high-touch areas and equipment.

  • Reusable cleaning tools will have been washed and disinfected after each use.

  • As far as possible windows will remain open during cleaning and cleaning will work backwards out of the apartment.

  • All linen and towels will have been washed at at least 60 degrees and linen bags washed after each use.


Other measures:

  • We ensure 7 hours between check out and check in time

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