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Home Sweet Home

The Apartment

We hope that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay in Flaine.


We love our little apartment and really want you to relax and treat it as a home from home and with love and care, leaving it in good and tidy condition.


When you arrive in the apartment the beds will be made (the bedding for the sofa bed) and the apartment will have been cleaned.  There will be a set of clean towels for everyone (1x hand towel 1x bath sheet) and a bath mat in the bathroom.


There is an indicative inventory on the next page so you can see what there is in the apartment and plan your stay accordingly.  Cooking is by means of a two ring electric hob and a small Ninja flip up oven.  No roast dinners, we are afraid!!  Who wants to be cooking when you could be skiing, relaxing and eating out!


When you arrive there will be a welcome bag for you with some basics.  There is also salt, pepper, olive oil, tea bags, washing up liquid, hand soap, kitchen roll, dish brush and coffee filters for your use.


We want to draw your attention to the fact that we have for your use in the apartment: a (decent) hairdryer, Bluetooth speaker, TV, DVD player (with HDMI port), sledges and stand up sledge/scooters, Nespresso machine and the apartment has a dishwasher.


There are some adaptors too – please leave these behind for others but do use them when you are there.


We hope that this saves you some packing space!


The apartment is well equipped but if there is something absolutely necessary missing please do let us know upon your return.


There should be enough hot water for everyone and this is centrally heated and not independently by the apartment. 


The balcony is south facing and a wonderful place to enjoy a drink after a day on the slopes – please make sure you lock the door when you come inside. 


This is done via the handle and there is no key.


Also please do close the curtains during the day if it is sunny as the apartment gets full sun and can get rather warm!


When you are not in the apartment please turn all lights off.


Large bins are on the ground floor – down the stairs – left through the doors – left along the corridor and through the last door on your left.


Please may we remind you that this is a NO SMOKING apartment and NO PETS ALLOWED



Mugs x4

Espresso Cups x4

Dinner plates x4

Tea plates x4

Pasta bowls x4

Cereal bowls x4

Glass dessert bowls x5

Snowflake porridge/snack bowls x4

Hand blender & accessories


Measuring jug

Tea pot

Grater x2

Griddle pan

Frying pans – small, medium & large

Stock pot/casserole & lids – medium x2 & large

Champagne flutes x4

Beer glasses x4

Wine glasses x4

Shot glasses x4

Juice glasses x4

Plastic cups x4

Saucepan and lid

Nespresso machine

Filter coffee machine

Ninja flip up oven



coffee filter holder

Tea caddy

Chopping boards

Pizza cutter

Cork screw


Tin opener

Kitchen scissors


Mixing bowl

Ice blocks x2

Ice cube tray

Stove top single coffee maker

Fuit/salad bowl

Bread basket



2 rin electric hob

Oven mitt x2

Wooden chopping boards x2

Cork trivets medium x2, small x2


Slotted spoon

Spaghetti server

Fish slice





Cooking spoon

Garlic crusher

Bottle opener

Bottle stopper


Wooden salad server

Teaspoons x6

Spoons x4

Soup spoons x4

Dinner knives x6

Forks x4

BBQ fork

Bread knife

Knife set

Folding step


Salad bowl

Lounge & Dining Area

Placemats x4

Coasters x4

Table and 4 chairs with cushions

Bluetooth speaker


DVD player

Selection of games/books



English plug adaptors inc USB x2

English plug adaptors x2

Small 1st aid kit



Chairs x3

Snow shovel

Sledge x3

Standing sledge x2




Entrance/Bunk Area

Vacuum cleaner

Mop & bucket

Tennis rackets x2

Cushions x3


Dust pan & brush



Hairdryer (good quality)


Shower mat

Toilet brush

Sometimes accidents happen.  Please don’t worry.  All we ask is that you leave a note or drop us an email at to let us know so that we can replace or repair for future guests

Little Quirks

There are a couple of little quirks of the apartment. 

These are not regular occurrences but nonetheless they have happened!



  1. The little heater in the bathroom!


Generally, the apartment is really warm, even in bad weather, but some people in the past have turned on this little heater in the bathroom.  There is no on and off switch for this but it appears a timer that implies minutes.  The timer also appears to be a little less than accurate.  The heater came with the apartment and unless you need it – we would suggest you leave well alone!  However, it seems to stop after a while – so just be very wary when turning the timer knob!


If you work out how to tame this beast, please do let us know!





  1. Trip switch


There has only been 1 time when the electricity tripped. 

However, if this ever happens, firstly check the amount of items you have plugged in and if there is a lot (as this is what caused the one and only trip) unplug some.

The trip switches are above the main door.

Check these.  If the small ones are down pop them up.  If they are all up but the large button on the black box is out – push this back in.

bathroom heater.jpg
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