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See a space, park in it!


You have 1.5 hr free parking to unload and then at the end of the week load up.


For the rest of the week you will need to park in the local paying car park. P5


This is very close to the apartment – just on the other side of the bend to where you entered the apartment road.


Drive out and insert your ticket.


Bear left and then fairly immediately right into the car park – taking a ticket as you enter.  You will pay on departure.


Parking is charged at 10€ per 24h. You pay at the end in the booth opposite the car park.


If there is heavy snow during your stay – you will be best advised to uncover your car a couple of times during the week! A snow shovel can be found in the apartment.


When you come to depart – leave the car park and pay (you can use card) and return back to the outside of Bellatrix for your free 1.5 hr to pack up.


This sounds more complex than it is – it is easy and the car park is very close.


Find out more here:

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